Edimax SP-2101W

I bought two Edimax SP-2102W devices, that allow measuring power usage and send the results to an android application. This works no matter if you’re at home or not, so the devices seem to store some information in the cloud. Two problems:

  • I’m not sure if i want information about my power usage in the cloud somewhere
  • Why android app? I want the information, along with long term data, on my PC.

A german forum had some information about the Edimax, so i decided to start from there. Here’s what i found out:

Unfortunately, when i run edimaxd, the device becomes unresponsive after 2 days (ping works, agent/webserver don’t) – i assume the webserver writes a log file which fills up the disk. I guess i’ll have to enhance edimaxd to allow customization of the interval, and set the default to 10 minutes or something similar.

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